Annual Stonegate PTA Pledge Drive
The annual pledge drive is one of the major fundraising efforts of the year. Your generous contribution directly funds educational and extra-curricular programs that benefit and enrich your children’s experience at Stonegate. A suggested donation in the amount of $125/child, $250/family, or any amount helps!

Your Annual Donation Supports:

Art Programs
Primary Music
PE Teachers
Field Trips
Culture Week
Lunchtime Activities
Family Fun Nights
Library Support
Emergency Supplies
Teacher Supplies

and so much more!

The Proposed Budget

All Stonegate parents are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled PTA meetings to help set the PTA budget. The annual pledge drive is one of our three major fundraising efforts and this year we hope to raise at least 50% of our budget this way. To reach this goal, we need the support of ALL Stonegate families.  All contributions are tax-deductible and employers may match contributions, so please check with your employer.