Why should you should join Stonegate PTA?

Joining the PTA is an important way to support our school and the efforts of the State and National PTA. Your membership with Stonegate PTA will strengthen our ability to provide the best learning environment for our children. This is incredibly important during these times of budgetary uncertainty. Help us by joining forces!!! Among all, the number-one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child.  In doing so, you also help your school.  But there are many more advantages. Here are just a few:

 Get Connected. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school.
Discover Great Resources. The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as students.
Tap into a Network. PTA functions provide opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport and discuss parenting issues that are on your mind.
Watch yourself Grow. By volunteering with your PTA, you gain valuable experiences and personal
confidence. It’s an opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use for a good cause.
Speak Up. Because PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas, you are encouraged to make suggestions and more effectively suggest change at your child’s school.
Help Your Child Succeed. PTA fosters parent involvement. Parent involvement has been proven by three decades of research to be the greatest predictor of student success.
Witness Improvement. By getting involved at your child’s school you’ll be part of the solution, helping to make positive changes. Local PTAs play an important role in fundraising to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, social events – all vital to a school’s success.
Be a Role Model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.

Membership Perks.  PTA members can take advantage of local discounts at amusement parks and aquariums which you receive once you become PTA member.

What does Stonegate PTA Provide?

  • Instructional & Technology Support:   Technology & computer lab equipment, library/media center support, classroom allocations, and office supplies.

  • Instructional Enrichment Programs:  Primary music programs, PE teachers, field trip transportation costs, mother-daughter tea, "guys" stuff night, 6th grade graduation and special student assemblies.

  • Support Services:  Health services, emergency preparedness kits, and lunchtime program activities.

  • Community Services:  Reflections, school carnival, family fun nights, back to school breakfast, teacher appreciation week and culture weeks.

  • General PTA Expenses:  Directory, scholarship funds, hospitality, insurance, supplies, and legislative action.

Browse our Programs to get a better idea of all that is made possible by Stonegate PTA.

Join Stonegate PTA Now!

For $12, you will receive one individual Stonegate PTA membership, a copy of the school directory and many other benefits listed above.  Stonegate PTA membership is a non-profit organization open to anyone who believes in our mission and the purpose of PTA.  Individual members may belong to any number of PTAs and pay dues in each. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both state and national PTAs. Won't you join now?

"Together we are a powerful voice.  With your help, we can continue to work toward PTA's goal of a quality education and nurturing environment for our children."

Thank you for your support!

PTA Member Perks

As a member of the California State PTA, you work hard all year to advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools, and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members.

You will LOVE the extra perks and benefits of joining PTA!
Share these perks with your members and help them get extra value from their PTA membership.  To learn more about these and other benefits, click here.